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Hang out n have a cup of tea with me while we chat all things intimate, juicy, sexy, weird.
You know with me it’s a total safe zone, no judgments and all love.
We can explore whatever you’re curious about diving into for yourself.
Ask questions.
Have a little 1:1 group support.
It’s an open time to just hang and explore.

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Phenomenal value for an intro into bringing Sacred Sex into your personal life as a solo person and then to bring it into relationship.
4 days designed to be done once a week. Additional content will be added as desired too. Get in and begin here!

Purchase art that is unique to YOU (or your loved one)!

Collaborations or Products I Love

Chamonix Astrology:
I adore receiving insights with transits from Chamonix and having in depth conversations about astrology. I know enough to ‘hang’ with her and yet call upon her wisdom and insight often! She uses the whole sign traditional system and I love how clean and clear it is! She’s my Go To when it comes to anything western astrology related! I highly recommend getting her Venus timed emails–they impact my life every month! Follow her IG. And get your reading today!

Katie Bradshaw PT:
You can vibe on Katie in the Enlivening Musings podcast linked above. She’s a phenomenal resource for women’s health! Her passion and intuition blended with her scientific/medical experience is divine. You can utilize her incredible knowledge and get yourself started with a self care steaming experience. If you’re local to her-I recommend a hands on session as well for her presence alone will create the space for expansion and healing for you. Follow her on IG, and learn more on her site.

The following links, there are some I do get a commission on or acquire points to receive products for myself.
That aspect is not why I share them. I only share things I truly love and use myself on the regular!

Jade Egg Essentials (includes a Nephrite Jade Egg) with Saida Desil├Ęts:
Saida is the one to go to for jade egg education!! She is one of my mentors and thoroughly embodied in everything she teaches and shares with the world- the real deal when it comes to sensuality and sexuality support! If you purchase this intro to the jade egg with her, you can connect with me for further support if you desire.

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Packs:
I have enjoyed using this pack daily for weeks and then taking a break. I look forward to trying the eye mask as well. I love that I can wear it all night and not worry about it! Or throughout the day-and still do things! I also like how much education they are sharing with the world around natural health.

Purium Products:
Purium has impacted my life for the better for a year now. It makes it easy to get my daily fruits n veggies, it gives me amazing protein drinks for when I’m living my fullest life, and it helped my family support/heal their gut in a beautiful way. I love that they practice regenerative farming for the Earth, and that they are an ethical network for people to make money (cuz I’m crazy picky about that).
You can go here and get the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation to really kick in a big transformation for your entire life and wellness. Or pick a fave product to start with. You will get $50 off or get bumped into the 25% off, depending on how much you’re purchasing. My fave items that I never go without are:
Biome Medic
Fruit and Veggie pack (Bio Fruit, Green Spectrum, Aloe Digest)
Can’t Beet This (full of nitric oxide foods to boost that pleasure baby!)
Tart Cherry Juice

August Menstrual Pads:
I have loved the biodegradable, earth friendly vibe of these. Plus the absorbency is what I need for my heavy day! My oldest turned me on to these because of their inclusivity as well!

Nixit Period Disc:
I have used many cups in my day and this disc is my fave at the moment. I love how soft it is, and how it cups things without suction! I only use a disc when I need to and this is the one I reach for the most!

Daily Harvest:
My family has utilized DH on a regular basis for years now. We don’t get it every month but we use it to supplement the store. It makes it easy for my kiddos to make smoothies and healthy meals on their own without prep! To save up to $40 use the link and or code: RE-Y4B8AMV

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