40 days for me: transform & bring more ease and yumminess into your life

Life has a funny way of throwing us off of our balance and bringing us some challenging times. As a healer, I have been helping people through these times for almost two decades. 

There are a few different people in the world. 

1- the type of person who won't receive regular work on their body, mind, spirit until they are in great pain or experience a tragedy of sorts

2- the type of person who receives sporadic work and feel like they maintain well enough but have moments where things build up and they could benefit from a bit more balancing

3- the type of person who works on themselves on the regular (whether on their own or with the support of others or a combo of both)

We can all oscillate between the 'types' as well. For instance, I'm mostly number 3. I read a lot of books, I receive regular bodywork, I clear my own emotions almost daily and I call upon others to facilitate me when I can't get through the tougher stuff. However, during phases of my life I slip into type 2, where I wait way too long to receive any sort of balancing and then I find myself in a place of un-ease and chaos. 

Add to the types of people, life circumstances. We all know that Transitions can wreak havoc on our mind, body and spirit. Transitionary phases are a common time when people seek out my support. It is perfect for helping someone ride out the storm of life! Daily assistance takes a rough situation and not only makes it tolerable, but dare I say, enjoyable! The growth and evolution may still feel rocky on some days but most feel expansive and joyful because of the act of growing and expanding. 

If you're in a place where you're ready to have someone support you so you can blast through this period of life-this is it!

You will receive daily support. 

Your initial consult will be an hour long session to create a baseline and focus. You will then receive your first affirmation which is simply your daily supportive phrase to integrate all-ways. You will have clearing done during this initial consult as well. 
Within a few days an aromatherapy supportive remedy will be on it's way to you so you can utilize the transformative powers of plant support. 
The next 39 days you will either have a 30 minute clearing session (either via distance work and email or via visual conferencing or phone), or you will receive the inspirational content to keep you focused and self clearing. (Typically 15-20 days include the clearing sessions and 20-25 include other content for you to assimilate).

You have then completed a 40 day cycle. It takes 40 days for transformation and after this cycle with daily support, you will have blasted through to the other side of Be-ing! 

If you were to schedule all of this work with Crystal individually you would be looking at around $2700-3500, but with this specific set up the investment is only $1530

40 Day Support
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There is space for only 5 people every 40 day session. Is it your time?  How does it get any better than this?!

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Because of my own interactions with energy, distance and in person healing and how I am called upon by people in times of need and curiosity I have put together a Potent Program. Support for 40days!



I am a lover of knowledge. I am a person who people will text me random questions about everything because I just may know the answer, or a great resource to find the answer. I certainly do Not know everything--that's why I love learning so much!! It's completely impossible to learn it all in one lifetime--it's so awesome! 

I am also a gemini so I am multi-talented and dive into many different facets of life from different angles. I enjoy other perspectives. Though I definitely have things I am 'fixed' on. As a gemini I also have an interesting relationship with 'self' and 'power' so I have had many life lessons to help me dive into how to hold my power, recognize when someone is trying to steal or stab my power as well as how it feels to lose or give away my power. Because of this, power and interpreting it, is a big focus on what folks will be drawn to learn from me. As a body worker I have noticed many exchanges of power and read a person's solar plexus energy. For instance, almost Always, when a woman is pregnant, her power center becomes tight or weakened. Which makes a lot of sense because her center is thrown off physically and she is changing rapidly as well as adapting to another person who is co-creating with her. It is easy to get into power struggles with our children once they are born and especially after they become toddlers and begin to break into their own independence, however some of this journey begins prenatally-from what I have observed and experienced.