I am a lover of knowledge. I am a person who people will text me random questions about everything because I just may know the answer, or a great resource to find the answer. I certainly do Not know everything--that's why I love learning so much!! It's completely impossible to learn it all in one lifetime--it's so awesome! 

I am also a gemini so I am multi-talented and dive into many different facets of life from different angles. I enjoy other perspectives. Though I definitely have things I am 'fixed' on. As a gemini I also have an interesting relationship with 'self' and 'power' so I have had many life lessons to help me dive into how to hold my power, recognize when someone is trying to steal or stab my power as well as how it feels to lose or give away my power. Because of this, power and interpreting it, is a big focus on what folks will be drawn to learn from me. As a body worker I have noticed many exchanges of power and read a person's solar plexus energy. For instance, almost Always, when a woman is pregnant, her power center becomes tight or weakened. Which makes a lot of sense because her center is thrown off physically and she is changing rapidly as well as adapting to another person who is co-creating with her. It is easy to get into power struggles with our children once they are born and especially after they become toddlers and begin to break into their own independence, however some of this journey begins prenatally-from what I have observed and experienced.