Postpartum Fairy Package

Crystal has been involved in the natural birth world since the birth of her first daughter in 2009. She has helped many women ease into their postpartum period, supported them through the birth experience of their babies, encapsulated over 100 placentas, and assisted home birth midwives. She loves ALL of this work, yet her foundational calling has always been assisting women with healing and transitioning during their postpartum period. Because of this, she now offers her healing gifts in this incredible postpartum fairy package. It's her mission to help women feel strong, confident and peaceful as they step into motherhood-whether it's the first time or the zillionth time! This service package assists women with healing post baby so that they can experience the support and health they desire as they welcome their newest family member! 


After you have your baby you are filled with an array of emotions. You may feel elated, and connected and blissed out. You may feel lost and alone and confused. When you have support through these big emotions as well as nourish your body, you are able to feel balance and peace much more easily-even if you are having a wide range of emotions. The emotions become less 'big' and more fluid. This is the ideal way to experience your postpartum experience. 

Looking at the physical body, you have just grown a human and birthed it and it is now time to heal and nourish your body systems. You want to be eating vibrant foods which don't bog you down and fill you with nutrients while also satisfy that need for excess energy and the 'sweet' taste (as in Ayurvedic principles). 

This is a time of nurturing your womb space and abdomen. A time to respect your "baby brain," because of it's purposeful properties. A time to connect with your baby and learn new biorhythms. 

Traditional cultures have honored this life changing transition for eons through healing practices such as moxibustion, body warming, lying in periods, healing foods and bodywork. With Crystal's unique bodywork training and life skills she amps up her postpartum training and brings this experience to you so you too can feel vibrant and healthy. Honor yourself. Heal yourself, as you step into motherhood. 

What you receive- a loving, supportive, healing transition into motherhood. Paving the path for wellness and energy as well as a foundation of connection for your relationship with your child.

Currently serving MN side only

OPTION ONE ($2500): 
You will have the benefits of typical postpartum services as well, such as light housework, newborn care, breastfeeding support and the like but the game changer here lies in the healing visits.

You receive 3 "profound" healing visits, and 12 "maintenance" healing visits. During these visits you will feel nourished and supported.

"It's like having a best friend who has magical gifts treating you like the most amazing woman and mother in the world!"

OPTION TWO ($3500):
20 visits, every other day immediately postpartum
You receive a Postpartum specific massage/energy work session & home cooked Ayurvedic based nourishing food/dishes

40 visits, every day for your 40day laying in period
Biggest transformative healing option!!
You receive the Postpartum specific massage/energy work daily along with the Ayurvedic based nourishing food. 
Emotional clearing as needed.

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