Crystal was called to be a 'healer' at age 10 and followed through immediately upon graduating high school by completing an amazing massage therapy program in Illinois. 

She loves being in the healing field with her life partner, Matt Franco, through Moorhead Massage & Wellness; so if you're in the area and want to learn more about Crystal or the other great therapists, go to Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center. Here you can learn more about physical and energetic modalities Crystal uses as well as her in person availability!

If you're not local, and are interested in the Distance Healing Crystal provides, then dive in here! 

One of Crystal's favorite healing sessions are those that are geared around clearing out emotions from our emotional and physical body to bring ourselves back into balance. These sessions help clear things like anxiety, and pent up anger, as well as deep rooted sadness. Basically any hidden or known emotion that is holding you back from living the life you Want to Live. Diving into current emotions and going all the way to different dimensions to make sure the body unlocks the emotions so you can feel more peace and balance.

If you're strictly looking for Emotional Clearing work, then dive into that Here