Tummy Ache Remedies--
for those who are young and old.

Being me, I often get texts or emails or calls from fellow friends who have kids, to ask me “How do you deal with xyz?” A recent one was regarding a tummy ache. Most likely cause being constipation but who knows. It didn’t seem like a bug and the kiddo wasn’t seeming like she was going to puke, so What To Do?!

First of all—Water. Hydration can help those ‘not ready’ or stuck poops get out much more easily. This goes for adults too ;) 

My next go to is always tummy massage. Of course, if you feel completely clueless as to how to do this, then don’t. But most parents can intuitively rub their child’s tummy without creating a damaging situation. You DO want to go Clockwise, for that’s the direction our intestines run. You DO want to be gentle and go slowly. It doesn’t take much pressure and even simply rubbing over the skin clockwise with loving intent can be enough!! 

Another place you can massage, is the thighs. Our quadriceps and IT band can act as a reflex point for our digestion. Again, gentle, easy, and up toward the heart ;)  

If things are still feeling yucky I go to Tea next.
Ginger tea with honey (after age 1) is a Great remedy for it soothes digestion, can kick inflammation and kill pathogens as well as be tasty. It could also be made into an ice pop if necessary to get a child to consume it.
Chamomile is another great soothing tea which can help digestion as well as bring overall calm to the body and mind-to allow easier elimination. 

I personally also dig Licorice tea. It’s nice for digestion and is anti-viral as well as an adaptogen (which basically means it’s good for a lot of stuff)—however, look into this one for your age child as well as avoid it if You are pregnant or lactating.
I have a similar sentiment with Mint teas…research what may be best for you, but they can be great at easing digestive issues, they just need to be used with caution in certain circumstances. 

And then if nothing else, I will call upon apple juice or sauce and/or prune juice. It all depends upon what your child will consume but these often help get things moving as well. 

***None of this is for an infant under 6 months old-aside from tummy massage and leg massage (which you can also do bicycle legs in that case too). 

For completion of the most recent story—that little girl just had some tummy massage from her loving mommy and pooped within 15 minutes. Oh our magical bodies!! They sometimes just want a little support!