Watching the Progression of Learning How to Write, Reminds Me of Brain Development

Today I was observing Af Violet writing out invitations to her, spur of the moment, "Love Party," for her sister. While I was watching her write and sound out words, I saw how she doesn't quite yet know how to guess if she will need to start on the next line (so she doesn't run out of space for the length of the word she is about to write) or not. [She did look ahead this time and seemed to be assessing the paper but still chose to try and see if the word would fit]. Noticing this, reminded me of the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex pertains to planning for the future and understanding time and conservation. This part of her brain is just now beginning to light up more (because she is now 6). It is neat to watch this development unfold! It is also a reminder that: 

she is still developing. She is just now beginning to have some of these abilities. Which reminds me to be patient, and understanding. Even though she can seem so grown, and wise, her brain is still growing (and will be into her 20s!), and she is always doing the best she can with her level of development and tools she possesses.