"Prince saves my soul," I once texted to my life partner, before we were officially a romantic 'item'....

I'm not one to write about current events very often nor am I usually in any sort of loop regarding pop culture. However, Prince was beyond 'pop culture' and lately as I have been thinking of how his music and presence on the planet has affected my life I have come away with a big message. 

I think Prince's biggest message to the world was to 

his symbol embodies love and that blending of male and female energies so well!

his symbol embodies love and that blending of male and female energies so well!

his symbol embodies love and that blending of male and female energies so well!

and again


He was as powerful and amazing as he was because he was tuned in to his life purpose and chose to live his purpose and be himself regardless of what others thought of him. And he celebrated the uniqueness of each human being.

We all have a purpose. We all will have folks that resonate with us and love us and those that do not. What's important is that we honor ourselves and live that purpose. That is where greatness lies. It is how we can find happiness and connection-for we are then aligned with All. 

In the spirit of learning more about me, if you're interested (read on)-this is how Prince's music and resonance has affected me:

Let's start with my once upon a time text message. (And just for fun, the response I got back was that of not understanding the impact, or how Prince could save a soul. He was open to what I explained but at first glance he thought I was a little crazy-which I am 'crystal crazy' so that's ok ;)). 
I was a single mom and was rockin' around the house with some headphones on, dancing during nap time and listening to Prince. Well, all of a sudden I felt like I was embodying "myself," my true essence. I felt that 'honor' and 'ok-ness' to be myself and to step into my power. It literally felt like my soul was being saved! I was 28. And had been out of touch with my sexual sides of being for over a year (for I was solo all throughout pregnancy and beyond). I was worn out from all of the demands a newborn and newly toddler has, depleted from breastfeeding like crazy and hormonally not turned on from breastfeeding and fatigue etc. So this was one of my first 'wake up calls' to step back into who I was before embarking upon this new adventure of Motherhood. 

Speaking of becoming aware of my sexuality, I would say that was my first experience with Prince. I was 9 years old and in a hotel room with my parents and saw the Cream video. I was turned 'on' (not entirely in a sexual way-more of a 'all of my chakras woke up' kind of way), and intrigued. It was during the phase where I was becoming aware of my sexuality and it impacted me as a long term memory (similar to the 'core memories' from Inside Out). 

Then it was later when I fell in love with When Doves Cry. I would roller skate around my house and dance in my kitchen and living room by myself-allowing my body to move to any emotion or sensation it was experiencing. 

When I was in my early 20s I acted as a model at a hair show in Chicago and my makeup artist was an employee of Prince. That was how I first learned of his connection and love of Minneapolis. She also talked about how awesome he was to work for and just how kind he was in general. 

Also in my early 20s I became enthralled with Purple Rain. It was linked up to new waves of relationships I was experiencing after being in a 5 year relationship. And is one that still helps me 'let it all out.'

Then Darling Nikki rocked my world as I expanded on my openness with sexuality and my identity  while healing the madonna whore dilemma that many women are faced with. 

And now, I hear new tracks that I've never heard before and am in a trance of amazement. Of course I have connected with more common and 'popular' songs but those are really just the tip of the iceberg of his genius I'm sure! 

Prince, I'm grateful for your presence on this planet. Thank you!