Introducing: Parenting Perception Pivots

I often think in metaphors or I see and experience life as energy. I feel the different pulls. I see the different insights. On Instagram, I share them as simple Lovespace Parenting quotes. But I have been waiting for clarity on another way I want to share these mind shift tidbits with the world and tonight it came to me....I will post Parenting Perception Pivots.

Parenting Perception Pivots are simple ideas for parents to shift their perception slightly or greatly, so that they can see their life/parenting situation from a different view. From this new perception, a person's mindset and energy surrounding the situation has now changed so they can experience more Joy and Acceptance in their Flow of Parenting. 

If you are in a tougher moment, search for parenting pivots here and shift your attention and energy. As I accumulate many I will most likely give them their own location on the website, but for now they will be among all the blogs I share.