Cleansing Yourself & Your Space

My philosophy regarding parenting is rooted in the fact that Everything Is Energy.  

There are times when things compile and get so crazy. Everything feels out of whack or we parents are simply having a really hard time hitting our reset button. In these moments I talk about ways to clear your energy so you can get back to your lovespace.  

 Here are some ways to go about cleansing your energy and the energy in your home:

sage- one of the most common ways people cleanse the energy of themselves and their home is by burning sage leaves (often white sage). You light the sage and waft the smoke around your body and you can say a chant or prayer if you like or simply use the intention and energy of the sage to do the work. (I say Goddess bless, Goddess cleanse). You then walk around your home, making sure to allow the smoke to go into corners and other areas where energies can get trapped. If the weather permits, it is nice to open the windows afterward so all of the "ick" can exit the home. Personally I have not felt this to be necessary for I feel the sage dispel the energies without discarding and changing the air via opening doors and windows, however some people swear it's necessary to get the ick out. 

orange oil- orange oil is something I have had many healers use on me (& I've used on others in that role) to remove "critters." Critters are basically negative energies that can be like a parasite or a negative entity which attaches to a human host and creates imbalances that show up as fatigue, or emotional instability. To use orange oil in this way, you simply put One drop on each shoulder with your clothes On. (Essential oils are very potent and orange can burn your skin if applied directly to it).

bells- bells break apart energy by changing the waves and creating a disturbance so things can reset. Using a bell can also be a fun way to involve younger children in clearing the space of the stagnant or bound up energies. Using a bell is pretty straight forward-walk around your house ringing it as you feel guided. Again you could say a chant or prayer or simply allow the energy to shift with the sound bites!

stones like selenite- there are many cleansing stones out in the world but selenite is my favorite. I think it's beautiful and it feels really good to me. It's purpose is to cleanse and in that, it is also a self cleansing stone (so low maintenance to work with). You can create grids of stones to protect your house or you can place the stones in specific places which seem to be holding on to negative energy. You can also walk around your home with the stone-similar to sage- but leave it in different places for chunks of time (5-15 minutes).

opening windows- with or without saging, opening windows to allow new energy in and old energy out is one of the most natural ways people cleanse. Doing so with the extra intent makes the shift more palpable. 

music- there is a vast world of music out there to change the vibrations of your home or yourself. You can find some of that awesome stuff or you can simply shift energies by playing music that feeds your soul and makes the house feel good!

Reiki or other intuitive dance and symbols- when I cleanse my house thoroughly I utilize Reiki and I jump into my witchy flowy self. I dance around and write symbols (in the air) on doors and other areas and really just vibe on what feels right to move the energy! Tap into your groove, listen and move!