welcome and hooray for choosing to step into your own queendom

what's all this talk about being a Queen and what does that do for me?


You will feel
softer while also more potent and strong
able to receive more from all areas of your life
kinder/more understanding/ less judgmental

Others will respond to you
with open hearts and curiosity
more connected and able to join forces

The great 'ah ha' moments have been life changing as I, Crystal, have explored the archetypal energy behind BECOMING QUEEN. A Queen is one who is the master creatrix of her life. One who can rule her world.

It changes your relationship with yourself and others!

To begin this work, you must join an embodying your inner queen foundations series

*****UPCOMing foundation series october 21, 2018- November 24, 2018*****

Ebody Your Inner Queen -Foundation

This 5 week series jumps in to embodying your Queen Archetype with a group of women all on the same journey!

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the embodying your inner queen foundations series:

Embody your inner queen

It has been a deep calling of mine to create this jump start foundation and then monthly group for some time now.

Women have been seeking it!

Many women, in relationships, are seeking me out for support in understanding their relationship dynamics-with themselves and their partners. And THIS is my response to the need!!

Relationships are asking for some evolution. From out dated patriarchy to feminism to the now, we are at a point where both the Divine masculine and feminine are yearning for acknowledgment and honor. It’s through this where we can TRANSFORM our relationship; and not just with one another but with ourselves!!

Any woman, single or partnered can join us!

If you’re attracted to this it means you’re at a point in your life journey where you’re:

*Ready to live in partnership with yourself and others

*stepping into a place of inner power to create the life of your dreams

*Ready to honor the divine masculine and divine feminine

*Embrace your divine feminine more so you can be more receptive

*Break any patterning with being the poor servant instead of the queen

What does that mean?

💞More loving & joyous partnerships 💞

** Feeling like the potent woman you are on a more regular basis👑

✨Honoring your creatrix and magic powers✨

(buttterfly) Growth on all levels (butterfly)

& more


***THIS IS NOT FOR anyone who enjoys emasculating men, or continuously stating the old beliefs regarding men, such as “men are just stupid,” “he’s such a dope,” “he doesn’t know how to behave,” and the list goes on. Our society is riddled with many negative stereotypes regarding men and the divine masculine (which resides in all of us). It can take a lot to recondition. But that is what this 5 week series dives into. And if that sounds awful, that is a-ok. This is NOT for Everyone.

This 5 week series is the foundation to embodying your queen archetype, honoring both divine feminine and divine masculine in your life, and creating your Queendom to live from.

After the 5 week series you can continue to surround yourself with other amazing queens on this same journey as you in the monthly membership.

If you’re attracted but don’t quite understand what all this means or you simply want more clarity,

join me live

OCTOBER 12th at 5:45p central US time to hear more and ask your hearts questions 💜

~~Series begins OCTOBER 21 ~~

****You must register by OCTOBER 19***

what’s in the course exactly?

Listen to the live video and ask all the questions you have on October 12 :)

But some basics:

We will meet virtually once a week, every sunday at noon central time to share about the content we are reading, and to review our action assignments. We will join together to support one another with all of the big shifts and express our challenges and how to overcome them.

You will have weekly assignments to incorporate the new information and begin the Embodying process.

Beyond book content and application, we will

Learn about the Queen Archetype

How to step into your Divine Feminine energy more often

How to communicate more effectively

How to give your relationship Value

How to give your personal energies time and space

& more

there is a book purchase required-roughly $21 paperback or $10 kindle

simply ready—this is for me!! hold your place right away:

Ebody Your Inner Queen -Foundation

This 5 week series jumps in to embodying your Queen Archetype with a group of women all on the same journey!

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