Ever since I have decided to tap into my inner Queen archetype, I have been able to transform the way I embody life as well as my relationships with my partner, my kids and everyone really. THE FEELINGS I FEEL when I'm experiencing life this way is somewhat indescribable. It's the feeling when everything feels safe and aligned and balanced and there are great amounts of love and joy and ecstatic type sensations which flow through you in an extremely soothing yet vibrant way. Feel me?! lol 

Because of how great this state of Be-ing and relating to humans is, I want to share it with the world! Hence, why I have put together my QUEENDOM :) 

It all comes down to Love. 

Begin with knowing and loving yourself and then you can create wonderful relationships with those around you, as well as deep soul connections and ecstatic romantic situations.

Since loving yourself is number one, that requires tapping into our Goddess energy as women. For me personally I feel myself as a Goddess and a Priestess. I see the two words to me somewhat interchangeable while also holding a slightly different energy. 

As I keep going on this planet I will share more and more from my 'true' tantra experiences and from what I have learned in order to really embody self love, and to tap into these powerful energies. As well as how to heal your sexual core to radiate more of your beautiful life energy to the world! 

This area is also the creative center. I am an eternal creator! An artist of many arts. 

I am not a perfect partner nor do I embody self love every single moment of every single day, but this is where learning and growing are key. And since I enjoy sharing what I learn and know, this is why I must include this as part of what I offer to the world!