What is unique about Lovespace Parenting?

The focus is on the parent: healing his/her wounds, learning ways to tap into her/his inner peace and voice and finding more acceptance with the role of parent as well as more acceptance of their children. Because of this approach, men and women find more peace & connection with those they love in their entire life and not just with their children!

About The Course 

This Course is the 101 Fundamentals to step into your Lovespace Parenting journey! These are the tools to create a solid foundation so you can be the loving parent you want to be.  It is 7 weeks of dedication to your parenting. 
You can either sign up for the online version or one of the in person sessions. Online you can either do complete self study or you can have access to Crystal during your 7 week period!


What is lovespace parenting?

Lovespace Parenting is choosing to focus on your heart center, to align with love. Aligning with your heart and learning how to navigate back to your lovespace when you are frustrated or disappointed or in any other state than the state of love, is the key to being a loving & connected parent. It's also the key to being a loving partner and friend and co-worker (or any other role you play in life). 


Lovespace Foundations could be the only course you ever need to take. If you apply all of the information to your parenting and your life continuously you will have the tools to transform your life and bring more love and joy to your role as 'parent,' and see more magic in your entire life! Take this course because you are READY and because you RESONATE with the material!  




You can read book after book, and watch videos and read blogs and little reminder blurbs to help yourself stay focused. However, having a coach and/or taking a course takes everything to the next level. You take a course because you are really committed and want direction to help you focus on the goal of becoming a more joyful, loving parent. 

You have more accountability because of the weekly video release design and ‘homework’ activities.  You commit to a time frame beyond 21 days to create a new habit, and a time frame beyond 40 days to really Transform. You take a course mostly because you’re simply Ready and want that Support!



Briefly hear my story to learn about me and connect with me as well as defining Lovespace-how it feels, & how to get there.

Then the themes for week one are:

Gratitude and Finding Triggers

Gratitude has been studied and practiced for some time. It is definitely thrown around quite a bit these days, but here we dive in more deeply, explaining how it works, and how to utilize it in your life to see results.

Finding your triggers as well as your children’s triggers. I guide you through how to recognize your triggers as well as those of your children. We then explore what to do with this information-how to work with your triggers. How to minimize them, or shift them as they occur. 



Generational Patterning, Societal Patterning, And Underlying Belief Scripts. Understanding Power

This week I introduce generational patterning and societal patterning. I introduce the concept here so that you can work with it for the duration of the course.  I point out some common beliefs that may be running your subconscious self and impacting the way you parent. I then show you how to dive into yourself to see your root beliefs. When you know your root beliefs you can then move forward to change them and grow! This is the foundation of why I wanted to begin teaching this course; for the many years I worked on people THIS is what I helped them do to heal. It’s also the key for me to process my day every day so that I can be exactly who I want to be in every role of life.  



Forgiveness & Self Love

This week we discuss the constraints and illusions of time and how to get your needs met. We talk about physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual needs; how they work together and what to do to feed your soul and body. We discuss diet and exercise as well as other physical imbalances that can be leading to more anger, fear or stress. We dive into how stress affects your body (and relationships) and what to do about it. 



Recognizing Our Children For Who They Are & Noticing Our Ego and How It Affects Our Parenting

I explain who our children really are. Why they affect us the way that they do, and how to work with their roles. I point out reminders that help when we are frustrated with our children, and share some tips/tricks to work with our children when we are really wanting them to cooperate. 



Child Development & Communication

We cover ‘what’s normal.’ Often parents really just need to hear that their child’s behavior is normal to release their judgment about a situation and free themselves from stress! We talk about the brain-where it’s at developmentally with each age group and how to nurture it’s development. 

Then we dive in to how we communicate with our children and ourselves. I share tricks to implement in your life so you can shift your mindset as well as connect more with your inner self, and your kids!



The focus of this week is the power of Commitment. The Ego. & The Chakras. 

How do you show up? As a victim? Or as an empowered peaceful guru? Somewhere in-between? We cover how to recognize when you’re in your ego versus your true self. We cover what the chakras are more deeply than a brief explanation given at the beginning of the course. We talk about power struggles with our children or others as well as how to hold our power. This awareness is key to being able to feel calm and peaceful in stressful situations especially as children gain independence. With this information you can then teach your children how to hold their own power, feel their power and grow up knowing how to do all of this in every human interaction.



Review & Resources

We solidify new mantras. We review the material to make sure it’s been integrated. And I leave you with resources and ideas to carry forth as you move forward on your life journey as a Lovespace Parent.



If you sign up for Only the Course (investment $125):
--you receive the 7 weeks of content via instant download

If you sign up for the Course and Access to Crystal (investment $270):
--you receive:
~ unlimited email support for 7 weeks from the date of purchase ($219 value)
~ weekly 10 minute check in's via phone or Skype/Facetime ($125 value)
~ one 30-45 minute coaching session [to be completed during those 7 weeks or within 2 weeks post class time] ($125 value)

Online 7 Week Lovespace Foundations Course is available within 48 hours of purchase! (Beginning March 21).

The online course is a great option for those that do not have direct access to a live class or event! 

Lovespace Foundations Online is broken down into 7 weeks of content, including one pdf and multiple videos for each week. The pdfs are downloadable and the videos are accessible via the Student Portal at any time for the duration of your class (2 months of access). 

When you sign up for the online version you can receive the course only or you can receive the course materials as well as have access to Crystal as you take the course. Access to Crystal includes unlimited email questions, weekly 10 minute phone or Skype check ins, and one 30 minute coaching session (to be used during the 7 week course time or up to 2 weeks after your course completion date).
{The half an hour sessions are available to those that purchase the course week by week after purchasing 4+ weeks with access to Crystal}

After you enroll for the course you will receive an email directly from Crystal within 48 hours (usually within 24 but in case of technical challenges we state 48). This will have instructions for accessing the student portal as well as list your start and end dates to schedule your calls (if you purchase access to Crystal). 



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Contact Crystal if you would like her to come to your area anytime in 2016! 

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Online 7 Week Lovespace Foundations Course


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WEEK ONE: Gratitude & Recognizing Triggers

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WEEK TWO: Generational Patterning, Societal Patterning, And Underlying Belief Scripts. Understanding Power

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WEEK THREE: Forgiveness & Self Love

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WEEK FOUR: Recognizing Our Children For Who They Are & Noticing Our Ego and How It Affects Our Parenting

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WEEK FIVE: Communication

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WEEK SIX: Child Development

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WEEK SEVEN: Commitment. Chakras. Review. Resources.

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