Whether you're feeling stuck with belief systems or you keep reliving the same old pattern, clearing out your emotions can be the key to healing not only emotional type of ailments but can also heal physical situations where emotions are part of the root cause!

It's easy to feel lost or confused about what on earth Emotional Clearing is and how it can help you. So let's look at some specific examples. 

* If you have a pain in your foot that keeps coming back or doesn't seem to go away despite getting adjusted, massaged or having scans done on it. It could release and realign itself if you clear the emotions that are being held there. 

* If you have anxiety and want new tools to deal with it or you want to just get rid of it at it's root, clearing the emotional body can reset your system so you experience less to zero anxiety in your daily living. 

* If you lie awake at night feeling like you're not living up to your potential or you're simply not happy with your life, clearing out the blocks can free you and open you to a life of synchronicity and purpose.

* If you feel trapped in a relationship with a person, or situation, freeing yourself of the blocks that keep you stuck in that situation will help you move forward in a healthy way.

* If you've had old traumas that seem to keep ruling your decision making or patterns with loved ones, clear out the pattern and the root to move forward. 

Underlying our conscious thoughts, our subconscious and deep consciousness runs the show. Beliefs, false memories, and old emotional baggage hold us back from living our dreams and feeling joyful, vibrant, balanced and juicy in our daily lives! 

Everything is Energy. Yet our energetic body is often neglected as folks are immersed in their physical world. To give time and focused attention to our underlying energetic body is giving yourself an advantage. Energy moves quickly and once you dive in and clear some blocks you catapult yourself into quicker healing, including healing ailments that affect your physical body. 

Crystal has been receiving energetic and emotional clearing work on herself for almost a decade and a half. It has been key to her health and overall wellness! Because real life stories can be easier to relate to, she shares some of her personal experiences here.

If you're interested in an in person or distance clearing session with Crystal you can book below!

What Can I expect in a distance clearing session?

Crystal will do an overall scan of your energy body and chakras, going through each one to see what calls for some attention. She will then dive in to clear it. She will start with present day and keep going until it seems the 'root' issue has been pulled. You will receive a detailed report of what comes up, including ages, if things are linked to other people in your life, and the specific emotions cleared. In addition, if there are physical issues that come up, she will address those as well. Her main focus is the energetic body, so if you have physical concerns you want her to focus on or if you want her to do a detailed organ scan, please specify that you want that specific session based on which category you choose when you check out. Another option is to dive into different conscious blocks and beliefs you are currently wanting to clear. In which case you can write on your order, the specific issues you are currently facing and she will use that as a starting point and see what all comes up and clears out. Again you will get a detailed report pertaining to what everything shows up as linked to and what your root 'issues' were. 

what can I expect in an in person session?

Crystal will communicate with you back and forth to determine where you are and where you want to be. You will work together to dive in and determine the focus. Then she will tap into you intuitively as well as utilize muscle testing to talk to your body for more clarity. She will then have you hold emotional points and guide you as you clear out the blocks. At times she will tap along certain points of your spine to assist the clearing. In some sessions she will utilize EFT (emotional freedom technique) but most often clears through other specific energetic points. In person sessions usually start with a half an hour session and from there on, you can choose how long of a session you prefer based on what works best for you. Some people love doing 15 minute session to clear out a nice chunk without feeling bombarded or overwhelmed where others want 'the whole shebang' and want to do hour long sessions to just keep going and clear out extra gunk.