crystalEClEar Method

CrystalEclear Method is an effective way to clear emotions from yourself or others to bring more harmony into your life!
Our emotional body can get bogged down with this wide array of feelings we all have. On occasion, those emotions can get STUCK in our bodies and in our energetic fields. When these emotions do not move through our be-ing we experience Dis-Ease, hang ups that won’t resolve or overall lack of harmony. Dis-Ease can show up in infinite ways- foot pain, anxiety, stomach issues, constant triggers, feeling stuck, other body aches, inability to hold alignment and the list goes on and on and on and on. These hang ups prevent us from leading the lives we desire. They can hinder our relationships, and our bodies.
CrystalEclear method pulls things at their roots. It’s not designed to just peel a layer from the onion. It untangles the knot. It connects the dots. And it lets it fall off the body. It releases the blocks and creates space to be filled with more love.

This is an intensive self paced training with Certification. Investment is $999

You receive the content to access online at your own pace.
3-4 60 minute phone/zoom consultations with Crystal.
Crystal will be present for 10 of your practice clients (even via distance)