We all have intuitive gifts! Yet sometimes we want some guidance from an outside source. An observer of sorts, who can either read cards, or energy or simply tap in and help us as we navigate this earthly life. Often during times of transition or times which begin to feel mundane, we seek out extra signs from the Universe to help us hear, see and know which actions to take to live more fully with our life purpose, or to help us understand and deal with a specific situation. 

Crystal has been living as a spiritual guide for her friends and bodywork clients for over a decade and a half. She listened to her intuition as a child to the best of her ability without having someone teach her how to use those gifts. She spent a year and a half working with a spiritual guide/psychic to hone in on her gifts when she was in her early 20s and since becoming a mother, she has a new appreciation for her intuition and it's magnificent role in her life. In 2011, Crystal became ordained through the Universal Life Church online so she could further act as a spiritual guide as well as be able to lead special occasions such as a weddings, full moon ceremonies, group meditations and the list goes on. Crystal's numerological life path number is that of 27/9 which is that of a spiritual leader. 

"I feel my spirituality and the deepness of my soul every day and I want to live my life purpose as this role keeps growing for me as my life goes on! I thoroughly enjoy connecting with others on a soul and energetic level, and it brings such joy to be able to help others in many ways" ~Crystal  

If you're looking for some extra guidance and want to have Crystal tap in to your situation or read your cards (she mostly works with a fairy card deck and will utilize some angel cards on occasion. She is also working on her own artistic deck), then check out below!

Crystal has been consistently told how Inspiring she is for others! She has always acted as a great listener and coach to her friends and family throughout her entire life and in the last 7 years she has been doing one on one coaching sessions using her intuition, & entire life history (including all of the books she has read and life experiences she has had)  to help others move through their lives with more balance, peace, joy and love! You can choose how much time you spend with her below. 

When Crystal was in massage school in 1999 she was known as the neck person and the Dream Lady! She has had a knack for listening to others dreams and helping guide them through what they may be telling the person symbolically or intuitively. Currently she will read your dream via email and break it down for you in an email response. 

Intuitive Reading

Crystal will spend 30 minutes tapping into your energy and current situation/question as well as pull and interpret fairy cards and possibly angel cards to give you insight to further your ability to live aligned with yourself and aid you with your current situation/question. 
You will receive a detailed email with Everything that comes through. This can include images, statements that repeat themselves, as well as a complete breakdown of each card that shows up and how it pertains to your specific question. If you have questions or want to connect with Crystal a bit more before moving forward, feel free to ask her questions regarding this service at crystal@owl-heart.com

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Intuitive Inspirational Coaching Call
from 15.00

Connect with Crystal via phone or Skype to have an Intuitive Inspirational Coaching call with Crystal. Crystal will listen to what is going on in your life and reflect back what she hears and then follow through with questions and inspirations to help you find peace and feel energized and in your power-able to move forward with life in a confident and peaceful/balanced way!

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Dream Interpretation

Crystal will read your dream in an email, feel and meditate on it and email you back with what comes up as symbolic options as well as intuitive hits as to what may be going on with your subconscious dreamworld! 

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