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Lovespace Mandala Coloring Book 2016

Lovespace Parenting Mandala Coloring Book 2016 was created so parents can take a moment to find some peace and balance by utilizing the peaceful practice of coloring as well as the meditative powers of the mandala. It includes parenting perspectives and affirmations for added effectiveness. The images are 'bigger' than some adult coloring books because that is the type of coloring Crystal prefers for herself on most occasions, especially when juggling motherhood. The book is also spiral bound so you can simply Be on the page that you are coloring without the hassle of trying to push the opposing side down. Enjoy!!



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Crystal enjoys connecting with people in many ways! She enjoys the months she speaks with her local doulas at Birth Circle meetings, sharing knowledge about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She loves speaking at parenting forums about Lovespace Parenting as well as healing arts to help find balance and peace as a parent. She finds so many parents struggle with anxiety and depression so she enjoys sharing her wide range of knowledge on self healing as well as alternative therapies! 

If you're interested in having Crystal come speak at an event you can connect directly with her at or