Herbal Sitz Bath

A soak in our sitz bath tells your body "I LOVE YOU!" 
Taking time to sit in warm organic herbs is an action that speaks loudly to your body. It's similar to taking the time to meditate or exercise. Because of this I literally feel how much the action tells my body "I LOVE YOU" and therefore I want to share that wisdom with you. I encourage you to do many things a day to remind your inner and outer being how much you care!

Sitz Baths are a wonderful way to heal our bottoms, especially after birthing or if we have a condition such as hemorrhoids. In our sitz baths we have combined 7 powerful herbs to aid in a quick recovery. They assist in healing the tissues of the perineum (and vagina) as well as keeping bacteria and infections at bay.

Each package has 3.5oz of the herbal blend, and is stored in a food grade storage bag.  


Calendula- this herb is wonderful for healing the skin tissues (cuts, tears, rashes), washing wounds, and stopping bleeding. It aids in swelling, hemorrhoids and muscle cramps.

Comfrey- this helps wounds heal quickly, prevents infection and prevents scarring.  

Goldenseal- this powerful herb has many properties. It is astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It soothes mucous membranes and aids against infection. The astringent properties assist with excessive menstruation and bleeding. And it is beneficial in the use of hemorrhoids. 

Lavender- is antiseptic to stave off infection. And is a pain reliever to decrease any ache or pains.  

Plantain- "natures band aid" as it is a powerful wound healer. It also can draw out toxins and even objects imbedded in the skin (i.e. a splinter). It soothes mucous membranes. It is       good for the healing of hemorrhoids. 

Uva Ursi- the astringent properties of this herb help reduce swelling and bleeding. It is one of the best herbs for keeping away or healing urinary tract infections. And is another great for hemorrhoids. (CAUTION: it should be used short term because it becomes abrasive to the urinary lining if used in EXCESS).  

Yarrow- this quickly stops bleeding. It is another that is beneficial for hemorrhoids.  


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Prenatal Affirmation Track

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